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So how exactly how does Banners Broker work?

So we know you’ve heard the buzz about
Our aim is to give you an insight into one of our exciting affiliate opportunities, Banners Broker online marketing.
We will try to explain how it works as simply as possible to help you get started. Thanks for looking and we hope you find this information helpful.

What is BannersBroker?

Banners Broker is an online advertising company launched in 2010.
In simple terms Banners Broker links together website owners with advertisers who are willing to pay to have a banner advertisement displayed on a website.
They have a pool of thousands of websites and advertisers and so they can offer specific placement of banner advertisements to maximize traffic.

How can it work for Me?

You may have heard of Banners Broker,but don’t know what they do or what they can do for you.
This is how it works:
You buy a “panel” or a package of panels from Banner Brokers who will then rent out your panel to advertisers on one of their existing sites.
When this panel has reached its targeted amount of hits, it finishes and you get paid. It really is that simple.

Do I need a website or any specialist knowledge?

Absolutely not. This is a business and will take some time before you reap the rewards. You will need to be able to work a computer and have to spare a few minutes every day to stay in touch with whats happening, but that is half the fun, seeing how much your panels are growing!

Is this yet another get rich quick scheme?

NO. This is a real business and as such takes time and effort. You will get out what you put in as they say but dont expect this to make you rich over night. You will however see returns on your money quickly but then its up to you to reinvest it or withdraw it.

What is the Ad-Pub combo package I’ve heard about?

This is the most popular way to get involved with Banners Broker. You buy a package of advertising panels and as they receive traffic you earn money on them. When a panel finishes you choose whether to re purchase one or two of the same panels and this is how your money grows.

How much does it cost?

There are seven packages outlined in the chart below as you will see they range from $25 for a basic one panel package to $11030 for the Prestige 7 panel package. There is a $15 monthly admin fee in which the first month is included in your pack price below. This fee quickly becomes self financing as your money grows in your e-wallet.

The chart also shows the return you will get from each package before any admin fees. The higher the value of the panel, the longer it takes to finish or “cap”.

How the panels work?

As your panels cap you choose whether to re buy at 50% or 100%. As an example the yellow panel costs $10 and when it caps it pays $20. Set to re buy at 100% the system now buys you two more yellow panels for the $20 and these now start earning again.

If you set these two panels to 50% when they cap at $20 the system will buy one panel for $10 and put $10 into your e-wallet. This allows your business to grow alongside your earnings.
If you decide to upgrade your package you can do this for the first 30-45 days after your initial purchase. You are only ever allowed to have one package, however anybody over 18 can buy so wives partners etc can all have one of their own.
All panel times are based on traffic coming to that particular publisher site. Therefore, Banners Broker does not give specific times.  The maximum life span of a panel is pro-grammatically maintained by the historical average of that panel colour.
                        Below are the panel costs
Panel Cost Revenue Avg. Time
Yellow $10 $20 4-5 weeks
Purple $30 $60 5-6 weeks
blue $90 $180 6-7 weeks
Green $270 $540 7-8 weeks
Red $810 $1620 10-12 weeks
Black $2430 $4860 30-34 weeks
Prestige $7290 $7300    – – – – – –

Do I have to refer people ?

The simple answer is no. However, Banners Broker rewards a referral with a traffic bonus which helps to speed up your panels, but many people run a successful campaign without referring anyone.

So You Are Interested?

 If you would like to know more, just register for FREE by clicking the image below. Have a look around the site and see how you can benefit from this amazing online marketing business.



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